Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Adventures

This fall we stayed busy. We went pumpkin picking and had a fun time on the hayride and searching for the perfect pumpkin with Grandma and Grandpa House and GG who was in town! We also managed to get downtown to visit Schoolyard (near and dear to our hearts) where we met and got engaged. Claire has become quite the balancer (cup and yogurt daily), loves bath time,  and Aiden still loves his project Saturdays with dad!

Aiden's 3rd Birthday - DINO-MITE!

We celebrated Aiden's 3rd birthday with a dinosaur theme party at our house with family and friends. We did a doughnut race, dino tattoos, and went on a dinosaur hunt in the back woods. Tom rigged up our riding lawn mower and tractor and took the kids through the back woods to hunt for dinosaurs and they found a few triceratops, stegosaurs, and tyrannosaurs rex! Aiden got a homemade teepee from Grandma and Grandpa House which was a huge hit! We had a great time and were glad to everyone who made it!

Labor Day - North Carolina

For Labor Day we visited Tom's family in North Carolina as our final summer trip. It was a nice long weekend to enjoy family time, the beach, pool, and relaxing. We also learned a lot about sea turtles and hatching thanks to GG!

Summer Fun!

This summer we stayed busy doing a bunch of things:
  • Playing in the sprinkler and slip n slide in the backyard
  • Visiting with cousin Mary and Aunt Jenny
  • Visit to Kenosha County Fair
  • House Family photo in our backyard
  • Thursday nights at the bookmobile getting library books
  • Aiden driving his new corvette with Claire riding shotgun
  • Making messes around the house...